The Giant Trees of Tochigi Project

What is?

In Japan (and not just Japan, but other places too, of course), there are a lot of trees. A lot of OLD, VERY BIG trees, a lot of them with really great stories, beautiful settings, and so on. I want to document them, somehow.

How do?

I intend to visit all of them, take photos of them, and learn as much about their history as possible.  I’ll blog about them, and, if I get enough good pictures and interesting information, maybe make a book out of it.  That’s the plan, but we’ll see if it actually happens.

It’s many!

Indeed it is. There are 84 registered trees, and who knows how many unregistered trees waiting to be found. I’ll try to keep this page up to date with links to the blog posts about the trees I’ve made it to. There’s also the map so you can visit them yourself, if you’re ever in Tochigi.

The List

  1. Giant Zelkova of Shinmachi & 1
  2. Grand Ginkgo of Asahimachi & 1
  3. Giant Camphor of Hachimanyama
  4. Giant Ginkgo of Jougan Temple & 1
  5. Giant Zelkova of Kamitokujira
  6. Giant Zelkovas of Chikatsu Shrine
  7. Forked Nutmeg-yew of Sagehashi
  8. Giant Ginkgo of Banna Temple
  9. Lone Cryptomeria of Ikarugi
  10. Giant Cryptomeria of Kabasaki Hachimanguu
  11. Giant Cryptomeria of Nikko Shrine
  12. Bishamonten Cryptomeria
  13. Giant Cryptomeria of Matsuda Shrine
  14. Giant Nutmeg-yew of Ryuusen Temple
  15. The Honourable Sacred Cryptomeria of Oohirasan Shrine
  16. Giant Ginkgo of Hoshimiya Shrine
  17. Evergreen Beech of Raiden Shrine
  18. Giant Zelkova of Fujioka Shrine
  19. Giant Zelkova of Asada Shrine
  20. Giant Zelkova of Marudakesan Shrine
  21. Jizo Zelkova of Shougan Temple
  22. Giant Cryptomeria of Kasosan Shrine
  23. Giant Cryptomeria of Ooashi Shrine
  24. Giant Zelkova of Imamiya Shrine
  25. Giant Cryptomeria of Kumano Shrine
  26. Fruitful Year Cryptomeria
  27. Giant Cryptomeria of Yagurasan Shrine
  28. Giant Cryptomeria of Tenmanhoshinomiya Shrine
  29. Giant Nutmeg-yew of Kanoudai
  30. Giant Nutmeg-yew of Awano
  31. Tarou Sugi of Omiya Shrine
  32. Married Couple Cryptomeria of Kurokawa Shrine
  33. Heike Cryptomeria
  34. Giant Ginkgo of Kumano Magnificent Shrine
  35. Giant Ginkgo of Kannon Temple
  36. Giant Zelkova of Yana Hachimanguu
  37. Giant Zelkova of Atago Shrine
  38. Giant Ginkgo of Shiroyama Park
  39. Giant Zelkova of Hongo-cho Atago Shrine
  40. Giant Zelkova of Kou Shrine
  41. Giant Zelkova of Touya Shrine
  42. Giant Hackberry of Munakata Shrine
  43. Giant Zelkova of Busshou Temple
  44. Giant Zelkova of Muryouju Temple
  45. Giant Nutmeg-yew of Henjou Temple
  46. Sacred Zelkova of Nakamura Hachiman Shrine
  47. Giant Zelkova of Daidouizumi
  48. Giant Zelkova of Naganuma Hachiman Shrine
  49. Giant Ginkgo of Soukou Temple
  50. Giant Zelkova of Oki
  51. Giant Zelkova of Senju Temple
  52. Giant Evergreen Oak of Takioka Onsen Shrine
  53. Giant Zelkova of Sakuyama
  54. Giant Zelkova of Yakumo Shrine
  55. Giant Quercus Sessilifolia of Horinouchi
  56. Giant Nutmeg-yew of Fudouin
  57. Giant Cryptomeria of Onsen Shrine
  58. Giant Ginkgo of Oonomuro
  59. Giant Sawara Cypress of Nasu Shrine
  60. Reverse Cryptomeria
  61. Giant Cryptomeria of Myouunni Pagoda
  62. Giant Cryptomeria of Takesan Houkine Shrine
  63. Sacred Cryptomeria of Kumano
  64. Giant Nutmeg-yew of Mangan Temple
  65. Giant Zelkova of Kitanaka Hachimanguu
  66. Giant Nutmeg-yew of Kakujouin
  67. Giant Zelkova of Arakashi Shrine
  68. Giant Zelkova of Sazarashi
  69. Giant Zelkova of Anraku Temple
  70. Giant Zelkova of Beppu
  71. Giant Ginkgo of Mibu Temple
  72. Giant Zelkova of Mibu Atago Shrine
  73. Giant Ginkgo of Nogi Shrine
  74. Giant Zelkova of Nogi Shrine
  75. Giant Zelkova of Tomonuma Hachiman Shrine
  76. Giant Cryptomeria of Murahi Shrine
  77. Sacred Zelkova of Shirahige Shrine
  78. Giant Ginkgo of Kaminomiya
  79. Giant Cryptomeria of Yuzen Shrine
  80. Giant Umbrella Pine of Nasu Town
  81. Giant Cedar of Kentoku Temple
  82. Giant Ginkgo of Togakushi Shrine
  83. Giant Zelkova of Kitamukada
  84. Thousand Year Cryptomeria of Torinokosan

The Map

View Giant Trees of Tochigi in a larger map

7 thoughts on “The Giant Trees of Tochigi Project”

  1. I just now found the The Giant Trees.
    A great find for this ancient Horticulturist.
    Also a former resident in Kanagawa ken for 17 years in one of the prior centuries.
    I look forward to seeing more of your forest discoveries.

    1. Just looking at my list here, there are 26 listings for Kyoto-fu. I can write up a list of names/locations for you if you want.

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