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Fried Gyoza Potato Chips

Everywhere in Japan, it seems, has something it’s famous for. When I told people that I was moving to Tochigi, the first thing they all said was, “Ooh! Gyoza!”. Apparently gyoza in Tochigi are fantastic. I haven’t had any gyoza here yet (unless the ¥105 frozen 7-11 gyoza I had last night count [they don’t]) so I can’t comment on how they taste.

Today though, I found the next best thing (?): Tochigi Fried Gyoza Potato Chips. Never one to pass up limited edition regional convenience store foods, I of course picked up a bag.

They don’t have much of a taste, really. Maybe like a mild consommé chip with just a touch of spice. They taste good enough, but as with most potato-chips-meant-to-taste-like-a-food-that-isn’t-potato-chips, they just end up tasting like… potato chips.

Tochigi Yaki Gyoza potato chips made by Calbee were ¥138 at Lawson.