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Under Salmon Skies

The dreams themselves were always in the same place. It was a strange place. The sky was pink, and it was like a sparse jungle. There were trees and plants and flowers and vines that I’d never seen before.

As a child, I used to have a recurring nightmare. Well, I say recurring, but it wasn’t the same every time; rather, it continued where it left off. And I say nightmare, but it wasn’t properly scary, just strange.

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The Road.

Happy, loved, joyful, walking down the road, the sun high in the sky, shadows of clouds flowing over the landscape.


I’m exhausted. Have been for ages. I honestly don’t know how I make it through the days. I just keep at it, day in, day out. I’m like a robot, just fulfilling my programming. I can’t not continue. It’s Friday, I’ll have a couple days to recharge before heading into the fray again.

In my exhausted state, as I drive, I feel a pain in my head. I cock my head to one side in an attempt to vanquish the pain while still keeping the car on the road. As I do so, I drift off slightly. This road, this drive, it’s all automatic, my mind uses the idle cycles to show me something new.

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