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Soup Curry Caramel / スープカレーキャラメル

Magic Spice Soup Curry Caramel
Magic Spice Soup Curry Caramel

At work today, one of the teachers kept offering me all manner of odd foods.  First, some sort of senbei (rice cracker), which I’m not generally a fan of, but which I accepted anyway, because it would be impolite to do otherwise.

Then she’s like, “Oh! Do you want caramels? I have a bunch of random leftover ones.”

“Um, yes please!” I replied.  That’s more my taste, you see.

She rocks up with this. Soup curry flavoured caramel.  “It’s kind of spicy! Be careful!” she warned me. It was bizarre. It was sweet, like caramel, and textured like caramel, but it had a strong curry taste as well. IT CONFUSED MY HEAD AND MY MOUTH.

The package says that it will “wake up your brain cells”.  It certainly did that, but only through the power of WTF that it exercised on me.

Shrimp Vindaloo

I’ve suddenly found myself nearly broke, and so I’m trying to eat on a budget, more than I ever have before. This is sort of budget-y, though I bought most of the ingredients pre-budgetary crisis, so it probably doesn’t count.


The rice is three for 398yen, the shrimp (pre-fried, in the shell — meant as a drinking snack, I reckon) was 168yen, and the Vindaloo sauce was something like 198.

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