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Fuji, you coy minx!

Fuji, you coy minx!

I’ve only seen Fuji twice. Once, flying over in a plane. Again, riding the shinkansen from Tokyo to Maibara. That time, I was asleep and jet-lagged and woke up because people were making a ruckus in the car. I realized they were taking pics of Fuji, I fumbled for my camera and caught a single blurry shot as we entered the tunnel. That was in 2005 I think, and I’ve not seen it since.
On my road trip in March, I thought I’d definitely see it, indeed, see it from both sides! But when I was in Yamanashi, it was hazy so I couldn’t see it. I drive 1000km in a single day to get this place so I could see it at sunrise and then it goes and does THIS.
You absolute STRUMPET. How dare you.

Can you hear this?

The Saga Countryside

Gaia, I want a beautiful sparkly thing.

One day, for sure…

銚子の海 / The sea at Choshi

… you’ll understand how these days with no breaks slowly turn the screw on me. One day, for sure, you’ll know that the only release I get is when I hear your voice.