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What is?

After my Giant Trees of Tochigi project finished, I needed a new writing project. But what on earth could I do? I cast around for ideas… and then I remembered the New Year’s holiday at the beginning of 2013. I got bored as hell and decided to watch every Ayumi Hamasaki music video in chronological order. At the same time, I summarized the video in a single 140-character tweet.

Yes, and…?

Well, impatient child, JackOnSkates (of both Twitter and YouTube fame) suggested that I ought to do more with those tweets as they were vaguely amusing. And so, working mainly from those summaries, I have set about writing a series of terrible short THINGS. I’m not claiming they’re good. I’m not claiming they are interesting. They merely are. I hope you’ll read a few of them and not hate them.

How do?

Well, it would be best if you read from the beginning. If you read them out of order, or jump in randomly, it may be… terribly difficult to follow. If you read chronologically, it may be easier to follow, but it may just be terrible. Some of them I rather like but most of them are rambling nonsense. You’ve been warned.

  1. Prologue
  2. poker face: she stands in a postapocalyptic world under a dead tree. the tree has TVs in it that show leaves, other weather. little movment
  3. YOU: She sits in a series of primary-coloured rooms. Apples fall from the sky. She eventually escapes to the outside of what is a mansion.
  4. Trust: She’s trapped in a blue tank, singing mechanically. Also driving along the coast.Now it’s raining and she’s dumbstruck.
  5. For My Dear…: She’s in a bar cloakroom. We follow other people home. A man has a broken washing machine. Now a desert with music staves.
  6. Depend on you: She’s on a mountain. The sun is blue. Her heels are impractical for this terrain. Invasion of coloured spheres. Walk on water
  7. Whatever: She’s without expression in a room filling up with water. She’s phasing out. A child angel is in a WW2 bombed out city in Europe.
  8. LOVE~Destiny~: She sits in a dressing room. The previous videos play on screens. She writes, records this song. A car ride breaks the meta.
  9. To Be: An angry androgynous schoolkid w/ kaleidoscope. Ayu is surrounded by stars. And tie-dye, lots of tie-dye. And a variety of wigs.
  10. Boys & Girls: She’s had her eyes done. She’s in a warmly lit house. She walks here and there. It’s awfully windy. She stands in rain. Hottub
  11. appears: She’s in New York, on a roof. Three of her walk the streets. One is gap-toothed and Madonna-like. A fourth sits on taxi in snow.
  12. kanariya: She lies on a couch surrounded by keyboards and screens. Tattooed people listen to music, are alarmed. Bejewelled faces. A raven.
  13. Fly high: She performs at a club. People dance. She is also standing in the crowd, hooded, watching.
  14. vogue-Far away-seasons: Blonde children walk at a slant in a postapocalyptic NYC. Ayu sings as sketch, escapes book. She dresses for funeral
  15. SURREAL: She sleeps in bed. Wakes on beach. Wrecked ship in the bay. She is a leopard. Leopard her stalks sleeping her. She wakes up, or not
  16. M: Church doors open and the spirit of Mary, mother of God floods in. She is Ayu. Doves escape paintings. Ayu rocks out in a snowstorm.
  17. evolution: She’s had her nose done. She arrives for a video shoot. They shoot the video. It is this video. She is a hologram.
  18. Endless sorrow: Dystopian future, vocalising is illegal. Only texting allowed. A boy finds a feather. Climbs Tokyo Tower. Finds twin. Sings.
  19. Dearest: It is raining. Her marketing team works strategy. She’s waited on. She is papped. Escapes. Is given jelly beans. Hides at wind farm
  20. Daybreak: She walks along a road in a tattered wedding dress.
  21. Voyage: She is institutionalized. She cannot sleep. It is scary. She is sedated. Doctor watches dreams. Rescued from ninja. Buried at sea
  22. ourselves: She is trapped in an oldtimey car by a gang of people wearing masks of her face.Chained up by scientists. A dream OR NOT?
  23. Greatful days: She sits on a hole-y couch. A woman dances on the ceiling to avoid a crocodile. The sprinklers go off. She wears drapes
  24. HANABI~episode II~: It is raining at the beach but her evening gown is bone dry. She is engulfed in fireworks. A mesh-top her plays guitar.
  25. forgiveness: She lies on an altar, awoken by pixies. She is the pixie queen.
  26. No way to say: Ayu walks by, ignores Santa’s proffered tissues. A ghost delivers them. She gets a gift from Santa. She is happy
  27. Moments: She is in her canopied bed. She ignores creepy doors. Children 3-piece suits cavort in a flower-filled room. Tarred and feathered.
  28. INSPIRE: She walks through a city. Hallucinates. Is in the desert. The beach! She has claws. Shampoo in her hair. Wears a bathmat. deja vu.
  29. CAROLS: She walks on stage in an empty theatre. She sings, back to the seats. A carousel at night in the snow. The lights go out.
  30. STEP you: The tinman unlocks a windmill. Inside is a variety of tiny Ayus. He wants to possess them, but they escape. It rains. They vanish.
  31. YOU: She’s in a hotel. Also a ruined building. Her citrus explodes. Her aquarium explodes in her face. She explodes a car to protect a kid.
  32. fairyland: She awakes on a tropical island. Her dancers are there. They dance joyfully. Their jungle fortress burns down. She watches.
  33. HEAVEN: She sings in extreme close-up. A slow pull-out. She is in a subway station. The souls of the dead are departing by subway.
  34. Bold & Delicious: She rides through NYC on a flatbed truck in a wig. She makes a music video. It’s this one.
  35. Pride: She’s in NYC shooting Bold & Delicious. Also this apparently. She stands in a puddle and snarls traffic. She gets rained on.
  36. Startin‘: She jackhammers the walls of reality. She rides a rocket bike dressed as Bruce Lee/The Bride. A video store clerk demasks as Ayu.
  37. Born to be…: She is overlit. Surrounded by dancers with no clothes on. They all stand in a puddle. Interlude of children dressed as 将来の夢.
  38. BLUE BIRD: She is on a sandbar. She sings, dances, points at camera. Dancers join her on a boat. She is on a mountain. They have a luau.
  39. glitter, fated: She’s in Hong Kong. She’s papped with a bodyguard. She falls for him. He saves her. They plan to marry. He’s dead.
  40. talkin’ 2 myself: She leads an army of guerilla dance warriors in an invasion and takeover of Thailand. Children play soccer.
  41. decision: She performs a song in a large recording space. They shoot a music video. It is this song. It is this video.
  42. Mirrorcle World: She is in Paris. She is pursued by spies. Her dress is impractical for escaping in. She holes up in phone booth. Escapes.
  43. Days: She’s a dancer. In love with another dancer boy. They are not rich. It snows. She realizes she’s been dumped. Sad, but friends help.
  44. GREEN: It is 1930s Shanghai. She is a performer at a burlesque theatre for the non-heteronormative crowd. She snogs a woman in a suit.
  45. Rule: Ninjas in plastic pants release her from a closet. She breaks their masks. She is a pretty princess. Demons attack. She nukes them.
  46. Sparkle: It’s 1980. She is a pop princess. She’s in a red rubber suit. She’s in a purple rubber suit. Gasmask gimps gather round. Red eyes.
  47. Sunrise~Love is all~: She is on a seaside structure. She is performing a song. She is shooting a video. It is this song. It is this video.
  48. Sunset~Love is all~: Same as previous, but now it is evening, not afternoon.
  49. You Were…: A sequined bear handpuppet walks about. She is surrounded by mimes in light-up suits. Her dress lights up. Fetishists. Snow.
  50. BALLAD: People surreptitiously use a mailbox in an overgrown field manned by a cat. Time has no meaning. Mailbox is ruse. Coma shenanigans.
  51. MOON: She sits on a sofa. Ink or blood pools nearby. All things are broken. Catatonic, she allows her head to be covered in tar. Dog requiem
  52. blossom: Pretty boy sketches his girlfriend. They are cute. Playing in the surf. Countdown to birthday. Sick. Knows. Dies. Angelic hugs.
  53. crossroad: She watches herself on TV. Watches matches burn. Smiling, she painlessly spontaneously combusts. Roses. Gone like flashpaper.
  54. Virgin Road: A Camino explodes in slow motion. She marries an Austrian in a country chapel. They steal a Camino. Chase. Explosion. Escape.
  55. Last angel: She is dead. On the lam with Austrian. Polaroids in bed. He cheats. She flees. Ghost re-brides, flees scene with Austrian groom.
  56. Sweet season: California in the 60s. She has two blond kids and a dog. Pool party. BBQ. Bubbles. Happy. A dream. Only a drug-fuelled dream.
  57. Dearest (acoustic piano version): Still at the wind farm from Dearest. Her proto-slanket flutters in the breeze. Whup-whup-whup-whup-whup.
  58. Connected: Rocket bike. Skateboard. Cities are dropped like bombs, spread like weeds. Plasma weapon fires beam of cities. All things meld.
  59. Real me: 2503, a dancing cyborg factory. Albinos. Hot pants. Throw some shapes into the cyborgs. They rebel. Deactivated. Albinos freed.
  60. RAINBOW: It rains. She does not get wet. Hologram doppelgangers. Suspicion. Chase. She snogs herself. Hologram disappears. She laughs.
  61. ANGEL’S SONG: She waits at an oldtimey bank. This is a stick up, see? Jamie Lee Curtis screams. She is a werewolf. She kicks ass. Carry on.
  62. Because of you: A john throws money at her after the deed. Semen leaks from the pipes. Futuristic Jesus Brothel. Mix business and pleasure.
  63. GAME: Disembodied wing. Hall of TVs. Corset. Plastic pants, spider fingers. Skeletal ravens. Firethrowers. Exploding cow skulls. Power surge
  64. About You: A dungeon. She’s in a glass box in a pillbox hat. She’s free, in an evening gown. She is both. A raven. Kannon. Ivy man.
  65. walking proud: An American child offers candy to Death on the savannah. An anthill. Do the robot; they are. Sparkles. Giant blue morpho.
  66. Humming 7/4: A square cage. A crowd surrounds it. The band and dancers are inside. They perform a song. It is this song. Warp core breach.
  67. my name’s WOMEN: A host bar. She is a shy nerdy girl in a cardigan. Pretty boys dance. Alter-ego dom her arrives. Women hypnotized. Whips.
  68. alterna: All is grey. My fan is too big. “You are the STARS!!” Marionettes. Madonna. Clockwork she-torso. Regurgitate an eyeball. Trashed.
  69. Bold & Delicious (SIDE STORY): She is in NYC. She is shopping. The Learning Annex. Bed, Bath and Beyond. Billy Joel. Stretch Hummer. Dog run
  70. rainy day: A German village. She waits for a bus. Pathetic fallacy. She shares a moment with a hound. It rains. Commuters file by.Ride a bus
  71. Ladies’ Night: A hotel. Frantic telegraphy. Blue fur leggings. Eva Peron meets Nuremberg ’38. Bald naked goosestepping women. Serial killer.
  72. Beautiful Fighters: Race queen. Utterly incompetent at her day job. She does her best, and is charming. Rude caricature of a fat man. Shiny.
  73. JEWEL: Diamonds. A planet of diamond and platinum flora and fauna. She wears fur. It is cold. Feathers for eyelashes. Diamond rain.
  74. 1 LOVE: Industrial dystopia. Masquerade. Plague doctor. Juggalo. She pole dances opposite a wolfboy. It is a sale of people. Caricatures.
  75. momentum: She stands in snow. The locals stare. She cries. Surrounded by candles, she picks up flame. She is dead. Flowers on her grave.
  76. part of Me: All is red, except for what is cream. Full Heian kimono lunacy. Butterfly eaten by mantis. Collapse. Snake. Fire. She is flowers
  77. Together When…: France. Marionettes. She is one and not. A blasted wasteland. Reality rips. It rains. Both of her is forgotten. Broken.
  78. Marionette: Asleep in on a sofa. A music box. She is a marionette. Her friends are too. But they aren’t. She is trapped. Winds down. Mirth.
  79. (don’t) Leave me alone: Sequins. Impractical trousers. A neverending corridor. Dance battles. Necktie trophies. New allies. False. Alone.
  80. NEXT LEVEL: She drives through the desert. The coast. It is both. Red Mustang Convertible. Flirt with bikers. Wild horses. Gulls.
  81. curtain call: She sings into a lamp. Walks. She is filming a video. It is this one. She leaves. It rains. It snows. It rains fire. Curtain.
  82. Sexy little things: Scream. Blood from wall socket. Laugh track. Eyeball. RuPaul with garbage bag wingclaws. Dressage. Zombie couture. FLIP.
  83. Microphone: Touchscreen world. Mother and daughter in Greenwich. Janitor skiving off. Petty officer strips. Climb over the table. Rewind.
  84. Don’t look back: She is sad, in profile, only left side. Laughs. Her portrait vandalized. Fresh. Rotten. Right is destroyed. Mental break.
  85. Lady Dynamite: A gay club. Drag queens. She is her dancers’ fag hag. Hot pants, mesh shirts. Bananas. Pole dancing. Urinals. She leaves.
  86. blossom (-director’s cut-): A perfectly ordinary cute couple. He sketches. They drink. Play in surf. He’s sick. Soon dies. Angelic kiss.
  87. Love song: On the lam with Austrian. She cries, packs things. She leaves. Takes taxi. He chases. He’s dead but knows not. Diner from Bones.
  88. do it again: She awakes. Coffee. Armored dress. Giant dogs. A plane has crashed. Money from the sky. A yoyoist. Subway disaster. Nuked.
  89. progress: Pedestrians. Quick walking through Tokyo. Subway. Harajuku. A club. Hotel. New York. Los Angeles. We fly. Desert. Nosering. Stop.
  90. ANother song: She is in a studio crisscrossed with lasers. It’s dark. Lighting rig. Naoya is there. They shoot a video. It is this one.
  91. Why…: Butterfly sleep mask. She falls. They rest on her bosom.They are a dress. She is too small. Rose room. Potpourri woman. Escape.
  92. beloved: She’s at the beach. She wears rags. She reclines on a bar. Children appear. Windsocks. She grins. They crown her with flowers.
  93. BRILLANTE: Bathing men. She’s awoken by a mannish Bettany Hughes. Chants. Kickboxing. Queen of Heaven. They want her. Fight back. She dies.
  94. M (above & beyond mix): Bubbles through tubes. Race down the ramp to the underground. Boss battle. Exposition cubes. Gyrating manifold.
  95. Dream ON: An outdoor cagefight. Naoya and Ayu face off. They trade phat beatz and throw some shapes. No blows exchanged; a double knockout.
  96. how beautiful you are: Men fight.Leather fetish. Couple holds little girl. Men kiss. Gimp mask unzipped. Not girl, midget. Walk against wind
  97. Return Road: Power plant. A gauge-headed man. She is in a black wedding dress in a tank. They break in. Vandalize. Rescue of Austrian fails.
  98. NaNaNa: She is in London partying with chavs. Duke of Wellington. Jump in wheely bin. Run from cops. Dance battle. She counts down a rave.
  99. Shake It ♥: Parkour and BMX chavs. A loft party in a squatted apartment. A neighbour complains. She is invited in. Jeggings.
  100. You & Me: She gazes at sea. Pulled away to party with boyfriend. Carnival. Shopping for groceries in USA. Road trip. Domestic abuse. Tears.
  101. snowy kiss: Nighttime, overlooking a city. Domestic violence. Road trip. Argument. More domestic violence. Suitcase in pool. DV. DV. DV…DV
  102. wake me up: Road trip with DV boyfriend and his friend, her new flame. Love triangle. Diving. Behind the back handholding. Sunset.
  103. Song 4 u: Chess. She is both white and black queen. She is all pawns. She is all. Battle. Taken en passant. Only queens remain.
  104. Sweet scar: She walks to window. She sings to a ficus. Tea. Sadness takes her. She sings in front of winter mural. It snows. Exit to garden.
  105. Missing: Mountain meadow filled with pampas. She has the air of a hippie. Gravity broken. Sideways rain. She cries. No one is wet.
  106. Melody: She is trapped in a kaleidoscope. The mirrors create infinite doppelgangers. Others there too, in leotards. They roll away.


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