Look, it's me.

About Me

Who are?

My name is Tim. I was born and raised in the unstable Socialist Confederation of Canuckistan. After completing my undergrad studies (B.A. History with a concentration on East Asia) at the University of Toronto, I promptly fled the country and found myself teaching English in the heart of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. That was in 2004.

And what do?

I keep myself busy with photography, writing, and slowly but surely unravelling the secrets of the Universe, which isn’t nearly as pompous or ridiculous as it sounds. I also enjoy music, but who doesn’t? Could “I like music” be any more generic? Nevertheless, I love music. Even more than I love the strong tag, if you can imagine!

The Future…

… is coming faster than you know! Don’t listen to those who would say that the future never comes. They have a certain point, but it’s a sad point of view to which I choose not to subscribe. From August 2009, my initial English teaching position ended, and I started a new phase of my life. I stayed on in Japan. What happened after that was unexpected and in many ways terrible. But now that I’m in yet another new phase of my life, who knows what the Universe will send my way. Why not join me as I continue on this voyage through time and spaaaaaace?

Where are?

How now?

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I am slowly going crazy, 壹、貳、參、肆、伍、陸、 switch.