Sunday Driving: Takanezawa, November 9, 2012

Here is the first phase of my morning commute. The narrow-roads-and-stupid-twats portion of the commute, as opposed to the wide-roads-and-slow-stupid-twats phase.

The reason I honk in the wooded area, and at the underpass is because visibility is shite, and since I’m the only one who cares about such things, and everyone just drives like a fucking lunatic, I honk so that they may have a bit of an inkling that someone is around that blind corner. It makes no difference though, ever, as you can see.

At this point, I was already running late due to earlier stupidery in my neighbourhood, so I was a little tense, and then dipshit making the turn 1) had been braking every time there was a car in the opposite lane, which is stupid because a) the road is two-cars wide with lots of space and b) his vehicle is not over-wide, he was just of the AAAH ONCOMING TRAFFIC I AM BRAKING OUT OF FEAR camp and 2) he had plenty of time to make his bleeding turn but decided to waste everyone’s time by not taking it. Hi, some of us have another 40 km to drive.

Though, I doubt he was even aware of my existence behind him. No one hears horns, and no one uses their mirrors, and the guy was probably too engrossed in whatever shitty morning TV show he was watching on his navi instead of paying attention to notice.