3 thoughts on “Sunday Drive: Katori and Tsukuba 10-20”

  1. Great videos. I used to teach in the Yamaguchi boonies. Lots of driving on smaller roads. なつかしいよ!
    I need more info on the F20 car camera. Know where I can get documentation? I think I want to buy one.
    Does it stream from both cameras at 60fps over USB? That would be really great.

    1. The F20 is a cheap Chinese massproduced thing, that gets relabelled and sold by any number of distributors. As such, any documentation on the interbutts is unreliable. Did you know that the F20 came with a cigarette charger? That’s handy for car use! Unfortunately, the camera itself has no place to connect the car charger. So, you get the camera and a useless car charger! NEAT! It charges over USB, and that’s it. It’ll stream from memory card over HDMI, but not live from the cameras. The “HD” claim only applies to the resolution of the video created when combining input from both cameras, as seen above. Each camera on its own is not HD in any way.

      A quick google or ebay search should find it. Take a look and if you have any other questions they don’t answer/don’t answer adequately, feel free to ask away . 😀

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