The Giant Trees of Tochigi Returns!

It’s been three long months since a new tree post has appeared (the recent post was a revisit, and doesn’t really count!), but now at long last the wait is over.

Starting Friday, May the Fourth (be with you), The Giant Trees of Tochigi is back with all new posts and very old trees for (at least) the next five weeks (and longer if I keep going out regularly).

If you’ve been away, do come back! If you know people who have given up hope of a return, tell them!

Let’s enjoying trees together with me.

Listen to: The Wonderful World of Seamus McSporran

Without listening to the audio or reading the article that goes with it, with just looking at the pictures that originally accompanied this, you’d get the idea that Seamus McSporran was a pedophilic serial killer. He’s not, as far as I can tell, but the presentation in this particular textbook was incredibly lacking.