Avocado Oil and Guilt in Advertising

This is the brand in question. Apparently no one else makes avocado oil for culinary use?

Recently, while browsing the oil aisle (say that 10 times fast!) at my supermarket, I noticed they now carried avocado oil. I didn’t know that was a thing, actually, until I saw it. ¥1880 for 226mL seems a bit steep though, and I reckoned it relied mostly on trendy food faddism, like the recent run on tomatoes “because they promote massive fat loss” thing.

Looking at the labelling, though, I realized that, at least in the English-speaking parts of the world where this oil is usually marketed, they also rely on guilt to sell their product. Allow me to paraphrase from the label.

Avocado oil is rich in healthy fats and low in cholesterol. Don’t you want to give your precious family the gift of good health?

Pardon me, but trying to appeal to one’s love for one’s family members by suggesting that feeding them anything other than avocado oil is basically KILLING THEM? That’s bullshit, and someone ought to call them on it. I’m sure the execs who wrote and approved the copy would probably say something like, “We just want to engender a feeling of warmth and comfort when people think about our oil.” But, in fact, I put it to you that the company is engendering fear and dread and guilt and leveraging those to sell their oil.

Absolutely despicable.

And for ¥1880? I can get fear, dread, guilt, and low-cholesterol cooking oil for a quarter of that, thank you very much indeed.

EDIT: 2012/02/20 Changed the picture. Same image, just better quality.