The Giant Trees of Tochigi: α5. The Giant Weeping Cherry of Jougan Temple

#4 The Giant Ginkgo of Jougan Temple Revisited
The Weeping Cherry in front, the Giant Ginkgo behind. The main hall of Jougan Temple peeking in from the left.

While visiting Jougan Temple on May 25th to shoot the Giant Ginkgo in spring, I realized that, just next to it is this Giant Weeping Cherry. Of course, it’s a shame I discovered it in late May instead of early April, but this year, I was slightly distracted from mid-March through April, as I’m sure many of us were.

Anyhoo, I am aware of it now, and plan to visit it next year when it’s in bloom.

The sign at the tree says it is 12m high, and 2.5m around, but says nothing of its age.

#4 The Giant Ginkgo of Jougan Temple Revisited
Several of the branches are supported by poles so that they don't break off.

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