Happy New Year!

アケオメコトヨロ, and so on!

New Year's Eve at Yasuzumi Shrine.

I decided to go to Yasuzumi Shrine for midnight, no real reason — i’ve just never done a midnight 初詣.

Happy New Year!

Best part was the fireworks at midnight. Worst part was people pointing at me and laughing at me while looking me in the eyes. Just because I existed. Happy fucking new year to you!

New Year's Burgers with Obama

In the uhhh food and refreshment festival area, there was a Sasebo Burger stall, and as I’ve never had a giant Sasebo burger, I bought one. It was excellent.

Anyway, let us hoping 2011 sucks less than 2010 did. 😀

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Excellent! We didn’t go after all. Mister fell asleep and it turned out that we’d have to go today with MIL to Futaara anyway, so no reason to freeze our butts off at night. Eh, we’re lazy.

  2. “Anyway, let us hoping 2011 sucks less than 2010 did” amen to that sentiment. At least you got some really outstanding photographs. Keep the music playing and have a good new year! Cheers!

  3. It appears that even Obama is enjoying a giant Sasebo Burger, too! You have captured a great moment of fireworks!
    Happy New year!!!

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