In Which Navi Tries to Kill Me

I have a satnav in my car (or, car navi, if you’re in Japan).  I call her Navi, because she is annoying in a HAY, LISTEN HAY, LISTEN sort of way.

Anyway, to get to my part of town from Route 4, there’s the front way, by coming in at Lower Houshakuji and then going to my house from the south, or there are weird back ways, coming in from the north, on narrow bendy one lane roads with blind corners. I’d only ever gone down one of these back ways, and that was to get OUT of Houshakuji, not get in.

On the way back from Ujiie a little while back, I thought, welp, let’s try one of the back ways.  One of them comes in just south of the junior high school, and along the west side of the tracks until south of the station where it meets the front way in.  The other comes in just north of the junior high school. I took this one. Once Navi had recalculated, she directed me to turn left off this road, cross the train tracks (a car-passable, but not car-designed crossing over the Tohoku Line), go a bit south and cross over the Karasuyama Line, then direct to home. Excellent, I thought. Good times.

Crossed the Tohoku line, took a quick right, and headed towards the Karasuyama Line crossing.  There was, however, a small issue. (1) At this point, the Karasuyama line exists in a deep ditch carved out of the rise on which Houshakuji sits and (2) the crossing is actually a bridge, not a level crossing.  What’s the problem with that, you’re wondering? What’s wrong with a bridge?  I’ll show you what’s wrong with a bridge.

Bridge over the Karasuyama Line
Bridge over the Karasuyama Line

That’s right. Navi wanted me to drive over a footbridge to get home.  Home was quite close, at this point too! 500m at most. I could just make out the roof in the distance off to the right. Would have taken me like, 2 minutes to get home… had it been a real bridge, and not a foot bridge.  Instead, I had to double back, cross back to the west side of the Tohoku line, drive south until that road met the other backway, and then pass the station and come in the normal way.  Disappointing, to be sure.

It would have been a great way home, if there’d been a real bridge there. Navi, bless her, she means well but she’s thick as a brick.