Internet Radio Play: Destiny

Radio Play (by Thomas Roche)

Back in the day, I wrote. A lot. Problem is, it was mostly fan fiction. Final Fantasy 7 fan fiction. Melodramatic Final Fantasy 7 fan fiction.  This is the sort of stuff you’d facepalm at if you ever stumbled into  In my defense, I was in high school, and pretty angsty, so you can’t really hold it against me.

At any rate, at the same time, my clique of internet friends were involved in doing internet radio plays.  Someone would write a script (usually anime or video game related), and then have people from all over the place record their lines, e-mail them in (remember, this was like, 1999 — a 5mb file was a big fucking deal), and then they’d get edited together by the director/producer and released.

I wanted in! So I made this. It’s not very good, but you know, whatever.  It’s a shame I don’t talk to the people in it anymore.  They’re cool cats, this one horrible nerdfest aside.

[wpaudio url=”″]