Daydream on a Snowy Morning

Snowy Day (by Mullenkedheim)

I wake to find that snow has come; so cold
it is within my tiny cell. Would that
you were in here with me I wouldn’t find
it so; but you exist in summer fields
beside the sea — cerulean, the skies
above in which you yearn to fly. Your hair,
its like a raven’s cloak, so dark, yet light
and free; the salt sea breeze does blow it so —
you brush it from your eyes. Your eyes, as green
as finest jade, are flecked with earthen tones.
At night, the stars are brighter still when viewed
in those deep orbs. To kiss your lips, so soft,
so full, so warm I felt it in my soul…

These memories I’ll keep with me
within my deepest heart.
This way, my love, I’ll keep you safe;
we’ll never be apart.

Ah, the snow is melting.

Morinaga Milk Cocoa Bun

Morinaga Milk Cocoa Bun
Morinaga Milk Cocoa Bun

Normally, when you’re in a supermarket or a convenience store and you see a chocolate bun of some sort in the bread section, it LOOKS delicious, but when you buy it, it’s dry and bitter and disappointing.  This thing, on the other hand (which I got for 30 yen off!) is moist, soft, and sweet, with some chocolate whipped cream inside. Easily the best chocolate cake-like thing I’ve ever had in Japan.