Gardening Sunday: Spider Plants

2009-11-08 Spider Plant
2009-11-08 Spider Plant

My spider plant, which I started in water from an offset, and after it had rooted well, popped into hydroculture, is still alive, but its tips have browned quite a lot lately.

Of course, spider plants and brown tips are like salt and pepper or bread and butter — you expect them to be together.  But these are getting pretty bad, and I’m not sure what the trouble is.  Some sites on the internet say it’ll be caused by not enough water; others say too much water; others say too much sun; other say not enough sun; others say a buildup of salts; other say overfertilization (which, let’s face it, would just be a specific case of salt buildup).  So I’m not entirely sure what the trouble is.

If it’s too much water, of course, that’s going to be an issue, since it’s a hydroculture, and IT LIVES IN WATER.

How do you deal with your spider plants’ brown tips?