American Street Food Pringles

Fast on the heels of the Double Cheese Pringles, I came across these two half-cans at another local Lawson Station.

New York Cheese Dog and Los Angeles BBQ Chicken flavour
New York Cheese Dog and Los Angeles BBQ Chicken flavour

As always, sucker for limited edition flavours of junk food, I jumped right in.  Prior to eating, my expectation (or rather, my hope) for the Cheese Dog ones would be that there’s something to differentiate them from the Double Cheese ones — I want to taste tubesteak, dammit.  The BBQ Chicken ones have a picture of a grilled fajita/gordita/wrap on them, which doesn’t satisfy what I think of when I hear “BBQ Chicken”, but whatever.  I’m hoping for a slightly spicy, vaguely Tex-Mex flavour.

Right, so, the cheese dog ones are lacking in tubesteaktasticness.  They are, however, different from the Double Cheese ones.  There’s a BETTER cheese taste. Less salt, more cheese.  Possibly, (and this may just be me tasting what I want to taste), a slight hint of pork, but I’m not entirely certain.

The BBQ Chicken ones are, as I suspected, just a touch Mexican-y.  Like a Mexican version of the normal BBQ potato chip.  Not too heavy, not overpowering.  Not chicken-y at all, either. :/

I’m not even sure I understand the LA/BBQ Chicken connection.  The LA/Mexican food connection, sure, okay, but “BBQ Chicken”?  Someone from California enlighten me?

American Street Food Pringles are available at Lawson Station for something like 200yen or so, I would imagine. I must confess I didn’t pay attention. ._.